set up shop

set up shop
set up shop
1. To open a trading establishment
2. To begin operations generally
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Main Entry:shop

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set up shop phrase
to start a business

He set up shop as a photographer.

Thesaurus: starting up in businesssynonym
Main entry: shop

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see shop
establish oneself in a business

he set up shop as a hairdresser in Soho

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set up shop — see shop, 1
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Main Entry:set
set up shop
: to start a business or activity in a particular place

The restaurant set up shop three blocks from here.

He moved to France, where he set up shop as a writer.

I set up shop in the living room and made phone calls all afternoon.

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Main Entry:shop

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ˌset up ˈshop idiom
to start a business
Main entry:shopidiom

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